Aprilaire Air Purifiers

Aprilaire Air Purifiers

Fresh Air Ventilation and purifiers

Air purifiers are more important than ever. Because of the coronavirus and respiratory infections We are much more aware, There is an increased conversation surrounding the topics of health and safety. So, we believe everyone deserves Healthy Air. Firstly, installing an Aprilaire system in your home can help tremendously. Furthermore, combining a healthy lifestyle, can help reduce stress. It can also increase clarity of thought, prevent illness, expedite healing, and improve your well-being.

Think of your fresh air ventilation system as your home’s own set of lungs. It inhales fresh, outdoor air, and exhales stagnant, polluted indoor air. This helps dilute and remove contaminants so you can breathe easy at home.

Aprilaire ventilation equipment meets the requirements of the International Residential Code as well as the International Energy Conservation Code.

Indoor Air Quality Purifiers

An All-in-One Healthy Air Solution

Made here in the USA, the Aprilaire Healthy Air System™ is your one-stop, all-purpose investment toward a greater quality of life.

Increased Home Value

Healthy Air helps save energy and protects and preserves the wood in your home. It’s a win-win for future homebuyers.

Generous Product Warranties

With five-year warranties available on each product, you can feel safe knowing your entire investment is protected.

Easy, Customized Installs

Different climates need different air systems. Our Healthy Air Professionals can help match your investment to your climate’s needs.