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Zone Control Installation Roseville

Roberts Heating and Air specializes in customizing, replacing, and installing HVAC systems, including advanced zone control systems. These systems enable precise temperature regulation across different areas of your home or office, effectively eliminating hot and cool spots. Our tailored solutions adapt to any building configuration, ensuring comfort in every room for you and your family
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Keeping You Cool , Saving You Money

Roberts Heating and Air can modify or replace your existing system. Our team can also install a new system if you are not currently equipped with one.  A zone control system will give you the control to heat or cool multiple sections of your home or office.  Because buildings are zoned from the top to the bottom floors, having the right setup is important. With our system a building can be zoned in any other configuration you many require. In your home you can eliminate hot and cool spots. This smart system reads the temperature of each room and adjusts airflow accordingly. You will now be comfortable no matter what area of your home you are in. Furthermore, your family will be comfortable and happy.


Control Your Zones and Stay Comfortable

The right system can also save you money. It does it by improving your system’s efficiency. So, only using heating or air conditioning where it is needed is important. If it is night and no one is going to be in the main living areas, those areas can be turned off. This allows all of the heating and cooling energy can be focused on the bedrooms. So, the right system, use energy efficiently. Zone control is a step towards saving your money and being environmentally friendly.

Robert’s Heating and Air can also diagnose and repair your existing zone control system.  If you have any questions about how a zone control system can benefit you and your family, please give our friendly staff a call. 

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Zone Control System Function

A zone control system offers you control over each room’s temperature. However, it still only utilizes single-zone unitary HVAC equipment. The perfect system heats or cools the most used rooms while you’re using them. So, working in conjunction with your thermostat(s), it efficiently provides the necessary heating or cooling energy each room needs at the time. Furthermore, it acts as an on-demand system.

This feat is accomplished through zoning your home with thermostats, a control panel, and ductwork zone dampers. And you get to determine what constitutes your zone(s). So, either an individual room, several rooms grouped together, or even an entire floor of your home can be controlled.

A zone control system connects to a central control panel via thermostats. This allows opening and closing ductwork dampers. These dampers block or release hot or cold air. Each zone’s temperature is set with the corresponding thermostat. That’s all there is to it. The zone control system does everything else. 


Money Savings, Efficiency, and Home Comfort

Three of the biggest benefits you’ll experience from installing a zone control system are money savings, energy efficiency, and increased home comfort. So, you’ll save money by not wasting energy heating and cooling areas that aren’t used much. However, these areas don’t necessarily need to be regularly heat and cool. You’ll realize increased energy efficiency for pretty much the same reason. So, the system will only be heating and cooling areas that make sense to heat and cool more often. furthermore making the most of your HVAC system. You’ll notice an elevated comfort level in your home due to the areas of over- or under-heating and over- or undercooling disappearing. The temperature will be where you want it exactly in the location where you want it.
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